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Great inventions of 2020 include the AC inverter technology used by the Haier 12HFCF. It is one of the models of Haier till now. You can adjust the compressor’s efficiency to suit your needs. It is accomplished with a variable-frequency drive, which consists of a movable electrical inverter to regulate the compressor’s speed. The inverter air conditioners are more effective, more durable, and better able to handle sudden changes in load. As a result, this inverter is now more effective, energy-saving, and quiet.

Turbo Operation

The Haier 12HFCF air conditioner has a Turbo operating option that enables it to quickly and efficiently chill a space. The airflow is increased and the air conditioner’s cooling capability is maximized in the Turbo mode, which helps to lower the room’s temperature more quickly.

The air conditioner will run in Turbo mode and reach its maximum cooling capability for a fixed amount of time before returning to its default settings. It is helpful when you need to swiftly chill a place, such as when you first walk into a hot, stuffy space. The air conditioner’s sophisticated technology makes possible the Haier 12HFCF’s’ Turbo operating feature. By adjusting its speed following the cooling demand and room temperature, the compressor can operate the air conditioner effectively and efficiently even in Turbo mode thanks to inverter technology.

Overall, the Haier 12HFCF air conditioner’s Turbo operating feature is a practical choice for fast cooling a space when you need it while maintaining the air conditioner’s effectiveness and efficiency.

Self Cleaning

Our patented Cold Expansion Technology in Haier 12HFCF freezes the surface with moisture in the air and removes the dirt in defrosting. As the air conditioner operates, dirt builds up on the evaporator. The dirty evaporator facilitates bacterial growth and affects the quality of the air out and the health of our bodies.

UPS Compatible*

Haier 12HFCF is UPS compatible. In the event of a power loss, a UPS can be used to run a Haier inverter air conditioner. Smart monitoring allows the PCB in the device to convert automatically to UPS Power mode for low-Frequency operation if the monitoring power 0V is detected. The device can input power between the municipal power supply and the UPS power supply.

Free Installation by Haier

Leading home appliance company Haier is dedicated to giving its consumers excellent products and services. Since 2020, Haier has provided free AC installation services worldwide through its professionally qualified installers. This year, Haier is continuing this tradition and helping end users during this period of high inflation.

Haier is aware that for many clients, installing an air conditioner can be a difficult undertaking. For this reason, the business has decided to give free installation services to all of its clients countrywide. Customers will receive top-notch installation services from Haier’s qualified and experienced installers thanks to this move, which aims to make the installation procedure convenient and hassle-free for them.

Low voltage operation

Haier 12HFCF air conditioner’s ability to run at low voltages does not compromise its performance. It can start up and function even at a very low voltage thanks to a low-voltage startup capability. Since the air conditioner will keep running even during voltage drops, this is especially helpful in places where voltage variations are frequent.

The Haier 12HFCF intelligent inverter technology enables the low voltage operation function. Since the compressor can alter its speed dependent on the cooling load and voltage supply thanks to inverter technology, the air conditioner will run effectively and efficiently even at low voltages.

Overall, the Haier 12HFCF air conditioner is a dependable and efficient option even in places where voltage fluctuations are widespread due to its low voltage operation capability.

Wrapping Up

One of our top-line and best-selling items, the Haier Split AC Inverter HSU-12HFCF (1 Tonne), is available throughout Pakistan at the lowest price with a rapid delivery service. Therefore, don’t hesitate and hurry to purchase this item from M&S Electronics right away. Before we run out of stock, place your order right away or give us a call. Since 2007, M&S Electronics has contributed significantly to Pakistan’s electronic industry. Only merchants that have established their dependability to us through time are accepted by our business, and Haier is one of them.

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