How to Choose Sofa Legs?

Metal sofa legs

With so many unknown and mysterious inner workings, Metal sofa legs can be complicated. A sofa has two magical features, the most common of which are the arms and legs, or portions of the couch. But as with anything related to sofa design, there’s plenty of room to err on caution.

Here we provide the basics to make your decision easier. 

How often do you focus on the foot or leg of the bed? Not often. But while the design of the legs and feet of the sofa may not immediately impress you, these flooring options can completely transform the furniture.

Make the right choice, and the shape of the sofa flows naturally; Make the wrong choice, and you’ll get just what he wants.  

1. Arrow Foot 

The saw leg has a rounded bottom that widens at the bottom and is separated from the furniture leg by a curved section known for Hepplewhite and Sheraton designs.   

2. Block Foot 

A Metal sofa leg that works very well on a modern sofa is the block leg, a flat leg with no decorations. Stylish block wheels are slightly lower and more comprehensive than traditional block wheels.  

3. Bracket Foot Bend the middle leg upward

Modifications include a rotary mount (adjustable at “knee”) and an ogee mount (horizontal line “S” added). 

Bun Foot Flat feet have been famous since the 17th century. The rustic-style quilt balances simplicity with traditional floral fabrics and a perfect silhouette.

4. Cabriole Leg 

The externally bent knee and internally bent leg form two S-shaped legs. It is famous for its Queen Anne furniture and especially for ladies.

5. Claw and Ball Foot

Legs in classic 17th-century style with bird tails holding balls. Chippendale-style machines were popular and are still used for traditional embroidery.  

6. Club Foot

Also known as pads, this style has a slender, rounded exterior like a golf club. Usually used with a reversible foot.  

7. Wooden sofa legs

This is mainly associated with wooden chairs. This material is the most traditional material for sofa legs in China. Generally, Chinese style or new Chinese style is suitable.

He named the wooden chair next to us: the presidential chair. These beautiful wooden chairs have sturdy legs but come at a hefty price. Prolonged use causes mold to form and makes it difficult to keep clean.  

8. Gold couch legs 

Sofa legs are usually made of wood, metal, steel, aluminum foil, zinc foil, hard rubber, plastic, etc. Among them, iron and zinc alloys are most common in modern aesthetics. 

9. Metal sofa legs

It is heavier, but people feel new; they don’t have to worry about water and mold, and it is relatively cheap. It has a high weight, smooth surface, low load capacity, anti-oxidation, and pleasing aesthetics. Today, it is trendy among young people.

10. Paw Foot 

Traditional furniture has legs in the shape of animal tails. Total and royal seats are often found in ancient Egyptian furniture and modern designs.  

11. Platform Base 

The platform is the base on which the couch is placed. It is usually a simple tree or covered in favorite accents in front of the sofa for contrast.  

12. Saber Leg 

Long, slender, and slightly curved legs were used for the classic Greek Christmas chair and revived in the Neoclassical period. Sofa legs are often made with old legs.  

13. Sled Base

Two parallel rectangular compartments with smooth edges attached to the sofa’s body. Usually metal, but sometimes also made of wood and sometimes against the seat.  

14. Spade Foot

It is square with short legs and thin sides. Hepplewhite is very popular in furniture and can be used with or without extended legs. It shows beauty.  

15. Splayed Leg

Round legs are angled more than 90 degrees from the bottom of the sofa and are usually slightly curved forward. It is known for mid-century modern furniture.

16. Skirt

The sofa cushion, a traditional sofa that has become popular recently, is made of transparent fabric that sinks under the seat and covers the legs of the couch.  

17. Square leg 

A close relative of the traditional Marlboro foot, the square foot is short, undecorated, and flat all around – a smaller, taller version of the block foot. 

18. Tapered Block Foot

Like a square foot, a tapered block foot is a square foot that is narrower at the bottom than at the top. It is popular with modern sofas because of its elegant simplicity.

19. Turned Leg

Decorative rings with open bottoms were quickly made with a wooden shaft, turned with a lathe, and opened with a wooden paddle. Some waves are modern, and most are traditional.


The joy of Metal sofa legs design is that the possibilities are endless and almost impossible. Classic weapons, modern weapons; classical feet, current feet; Or else, the sofa sets can be entirely customized by adjusting some design elements.

Have fun designing your sofa, but always think about the entirety of your sofa so nothing feels out of place.

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