How to write a college application assignment essay: How long should it be?


After passing all the tests and filling out all the required forms then. Now, you have to impress the university admission cell to get admission. And for that, you need to write a college application that can grab the attention of the admission cell office. And they only have a time of a few minutes so, make sure you write that efficiently.

The average word count of the college application essay is around 500 words. But these 500 words should be written by doing proper research to make a solid impression on the application officers. And don’t worry if you don’t know how to write the college application essay. Because here is the whole process and things you should do while preparing it.

How to Write a College Application Essay?

The importance of Reading the Instruction Carefully:

Some of you might think after reading the heading that “What is this? We all know it is important. Or why did he mention it? So, to make it clear let me tell you that while facing many problems and in the flow of feelings you might not focus on the instructions that much. And that is why reading every instruction carefully matters a lot. It gives the impression that the student can fit into the university culture. And that the student can do things according to the given orders. And if you don’t give attention to the instruction. Then the first thing the application officer notices is you’re not focusing on the guidelines. Because the given instructions are for some reasons. And not submitting it like that shows that you are irresponsible. You can take help from a UAE assignment help or any agency for this task.

The introduction Should Be Amazing:

If you know a bit about writing, then you know why I mentioned it. And if you don’t associate with any kind of writing. So, I tell you that writing the introduction is sometimes the hardest part. Because it makes the audience stick with the content. And to engage the reader you have to write an introduction that can generate curiosity or excitement.

So, if you want the admission officers to notice your college application then make sure to write an introduction that can engage the viewer. And then he will read more about it. And you can add information in the college application essay to help the viewer know more about you, and your interests.

Be Natural but Be Professional:

Universities are in search of students that are authentic and have personal ambitions, or goals to reach their destination in their specifications. Write from the core of your heart. And make it flow. Yes! you should sound authentic and natural. And for that, you should listen to the voice in your head. Don’t try to use those templates or styles of writing that someone used before to look professional. You just have to be yourself. But don’t forget to format it according to the basic guidelines for making the performance of the document better. College application essays are proof of your ability to convince. And if you get it right then your admission is very much done.


Don’t be overly excited about putting all the important information in the essay. And don’t be too impressed with an example. That you put irrelevant content. Because many students make these mistakes. And that is why they eventually get rejected due to their cliché in the content.

The admission offers have a great knowledge of checking and reviewing applications. And they have seen and read many of the college application essays. So, it will be very easy to find content that does not look unique at all. So, they will reject the college application essay. And that is why you should do proper research and not be impressed by just a single person or source. And maybe the resource you choose for the content will just convey a single-side point of view.

Ideas and Examples:

The college application essay is the document that shows your thoughts, perspective, and your point-of-view to see the world. And that is why you should see some good examples. That will add more authenticity to the topic. And then you will have a good chance to make the admission officer think about you. Choosing good examples will add more credibility. And you should talk about things according to the knowledge and place all the important examples to make your point clearer. And to showcase the logic behind your point of view.

Create an Easy Plan:

Make sure to stick with a simple college application essay plan. Because the more you will try to add creativity the more it will become difficult for you to organize. And the main reason is to showcase your potential on a single subject. And not to showcase your creativity on every topic. So, that is why choosing a single topic and explaining a topic is a much better idea than adding more complex words.


A college application essay with structural and grammatical mistakes will not look professional to the admission officers. And that is why you should ask someone to proofread your work. Because if we read our work It will look fine to us. But if we hire someone like a proofreader or a teacher then they will help you in addressing the mistakes. And to make your college application essay better. And try to use the expertise of someone who knows the process or has an experience with it.


The college application essay is the document that decides your admission to the university. And the university admission officers will see your essay and if it is not according to the standard then they will reject it. So, to make it better keep in mind these things while making your college application essay. 1) Read the instructions carefully, 2) Write an engaging introduction 3) Be natural, 4) Avoid clichés 5) Place relevant examples, and 6) Proofread.

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