Top 10 study hacks to boost your academic performance

Every parent does everything possible to find the best private school in Kuala Lumpur for their children. They explore the curriculum plans, school amenities, and teaching methodologies to find the institute that makes every penny of the Malaysia school fees worth it. Despite doing all this, some children excel academically, while others struggle to grasp even the simplest of concepts. You might have to consider changing your learning strategies if you are also among students who struggle to perform to their full potential. 

Top 10 study hacks for better academic performance

Understand that smart work is much more productive than hard work in the competitive world that we live in. You must plan well and use the hacks below to improve your academic performance.

  1. Learn about your body clock. Only because your competitor studies early in the morning doesn’t mean you would have to get up around the same time. Understand your body clock and create a timetable that works for you. 
  2. Prepare everything about the day the night before. For example, keep the uniform ironed, pack your bag, and ensure your homework is complete. This planning will eliminate your chances of getting frustrated because of the mess you face if you are not prepared, and you will go to school with a calm and fresh mind.
  3. Segregate the tasks in a list that you sort priority-wise. Completing the smaller tasks first will give you the much-needed confidence boost and help you retain your focus to complete other tasks. Make sure you keep every topic on the list so that there is no scope that you will miss out on something important that you have to complete by the end of the day.
  4. Create a productive study environment at home that supports concentration power. For example, fix a corner dedicated to studying and ensure it has enough light. Furthermore, keep the seating arrangement in your study corner comfortable so you can sit there for a long. 
  5. Eliminate all the distractions that divide your focus and reflect poorly on your academic results. Keep the phone in flight mode and ensure there is no TV or anything that can distract you. To accommodate your fear of missing out, keep a break of a few minutes between two tasks in which you can do some other activity to break the monotony. 
  6. After consulting your teachers, get the best study material from the most trusted online resources. Finally, ensure you have enough study resources to avoid wasting time finding a source to learn a particular concept. 
  7. Putting important notes and maps on the wall of your room is an age-old trick that works all the time! You can pin the topics you wish to learn by heart on the walls that you see more often. Then, each time you glance at these topics, they will get inked into your memory more strongly. 
  8. Another trick you can use is to keep the font of your digital notes small. If it is hard to read, you will pay more attention to it, and it will automatically increase your focus. However, you should ensure it is small but readable, as you do not have to challenge your vision.
  9. Use the hack of order. It is often said that the things you learn first will stay in your mind for long. So, you can keep the challenging topics in the early hours of your study routine and keep the last slots for simple subjects. 
  10. Try learning with some humor! Link the concepts with a funny story; you will always remember it. You will remember the story linked with it, and it will help you recall what you learned. 

These simple yet effective hacks can help you improve your concentration power and engagement level. So, by using them consistently, you can expect to improve your academic performance exponentially.

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