Tips for Driving in North Cyprus with a Rental Car!

Driving in Cyprus isn’t as easy as in some other countries because the locals there have some interesting interpretations of the rules. When you plan your visit to North Cyprus and planning to move around with a car then you must look for a company that provides luxury car rental North Cyprus and also learn the driving rules of here that are necessary for you.

There are many top attractions on this awesome Eastern Mediterranean Island, it can be the ornate Kykkos monastery is the main draw. It is set on a mountain peak so it requires a hike to get there. Another top location is a natural wonder with white sand and gorgeous turquoise waters where the sea gave birth to the goddess of love.

Things that you need to know about driving in North Cyprus

  • You must drive on the left side

People living there drive on the left-hand side of the road and overtake on the new right side. If you North Cyprus Rent a Car then you must know this rule there because it will be not right for you to drive to the opposite site. If you are visiting the place from somewhere you need to drive on the right side then take your time to adapt to the situation. 

  • Understanding the road signs 

The road signs in Cyprus are in Greek as well as in English so there is no need to squint and shake your head. The distances are in km rather than miles but that’s a reasonably simple conversion to make if you need to. You will not face any problems in understanding the road signs in Cyprus. 

  • Speed of vehicle 

When getting the Car Hire Girne Northern Cyprus you must take care of the speeds as the high speed in a particular area may cause problems for you. The speed limit in Cyprus is signposted but they are quite easy to remember as on motorways it is 100km/h whereas in cities, towns and built-up areas it is 50km/h. The limit in smaller residential areas also has speeded bumps as the traffic calming measures.

  • Lights overnight and Alcohol limits

In Cyprus it is mandatory to use your car headlights from the half hour before sunset to the half hour before sunrise. And you shouldn’t use the horn of your vehicle between 10 pm and 6 pm and also never use it at all in the vicinity of a hospital. So if you take a luxury car rental North Cyprus make sure to ask the rules from the company with which you are renting a car.

However, taking no alcohol is also the rule everywhere while driving but in Cyprus, the drink driving limit is 50mg alcohol per 100mn of blood. So you must take care of this and not drink while driving in Cyprus because you have rented the car and this will be dangerous to you.

When you are planning to visit North Cyprus then you must know all the rules and regulations while driving. Because you are visiting a new place and you cannot make any mistakes there. In North Cyprus Rent a Car with us by visiting our website and connecting with us.