Tips For Successful Customization Of Embroidery Patches

Customized embroidery patches have been a widespread way of adding a personalized touch to accessories or clothing items for many years. Whether it’s a brand logo, a business’s tagline, or a personal design, custom embroidery patches are a distinctive way of presenting your style and personality. In recent years, custom embroidered emblems are becoming increasingly popular due to their durability, versatility, uniqueness, and cost-effectiveness. But designing these badges online is a challenging task.
Once you make up your mind to customize an embroidered patch, you will explore various options and styles. From material and unique design to text colour and threads, you have to decide between a number of things. We have explained every point you need to consider in this custom embroidery patch guide. So read all the steps till the end and start designing your own crests.

Everything You Need To Know About Customizing Embroidery Patches Online

Select The Right Design

The first and most important thing is the design or the artwork for your emblem. You need to think of a design that you want on your clothing items or other accessories in the shape of a patch. Consider the purpose you are making a customized crest. For example, are you supporting a sports team, representing a business, or gifting the patch to someone? If the purpose and reason for the patch are clear, you can create a great layout for your custom badges.
Choose a unique artwork with attractive style and vibrant colours, and don’t forget to add a hint of personalization, like a logo or name. Patches come in almost any shape and colour, so do not hold back from being wildly creative and making eye-catching badges.

Choose The Color Of Your Emblem

The colours you choose for your customized patch are another important thing for catching people’s attention. A colourful patch can grab all the eyeballs, but there are some points you need to keep in your mind. Embroidered patches should be vibrant and flamboyant, but the colours you choose have to be according to your design.
The simplicity of the design is its most notable factor. If the artwork is too complex, it will become overly complicated, and the final product won’t appear as attractive. Select a vibrant design with solid lines and suitable colours while keeping the purpose in your mind.
For example, if you are customizing the patches for a business, then add brand colours. If you want a customized patch for personal use, opt for complementary colour tones. The right colour contrast can make your design pop with uniqueness and attractiveness.

Customize In The Right Size And Shape

The most important thing to consider while designing a patch is its size and shape. You have to think about the place where the crest will be applied and design it accordingly. A too-small emblem for a jacket back or a too-big crest for a sleeve will be a waste of time and money. Patches can be customized in any size or shape but you have to be mindful as an intricate design might cause some problems in production. A well-designed badge that looks unique but still has a touch of simplicity in its design is guaranteed to uplift the whole outlook of any garment.

Add Borders In Your Crest

A patch remains incomplete without a border. The outer lining might look like an unimportant part of your crest, but it sums up the whole look and gives a finishing touch to the design of the patch. You can skip the border if it is not required for functional reasons, but it might help adding a definition to your design.
A border is an effective way to secure the uneven edges of your crest and enhance its durability in a creative manner. There are several types of borders available, and you can choose anyone as per your patch specification. Thin, merrowed or thick borders are some of the most commonly used border types. The merrowed is mostly preferred because it lends a cleaner and more attractive look to the overall patch.

Use Good-Quality Threads

When you are putting all your efforts into customizing a great-looking embroidery patch, then you should keep durability as your first priority. You can add sturdiness by working with good-quality threads. People, while customization, overlook the thread quality, but it should be your main focus. You don’t want your embroidered patch to wear out in just a few days from your clothing item; that is why making it with premium quality thread is crucial. Low-quality threads often break out and give a poor look to your patch. Better quality thread can give a detailed look and immaculate finishing.

Add The Suitable Backing

After customizing your patch, you have to think of the backings. If you directly want to sew your patch to the desired item, then leave it without any backing, but if not, then here are some types of backing you can choose:

Iron-On Backing:

Iron-on is one of the most common types of backing. You can find iron on embroidered patches everywhere. In addition to easy application, they are fast to use and can be applied in the comfort of your home. This backing works on many materials except nylon and leather.

Adhesive Backing:

Adhesive backing is the best option to instantly add a fun element to your item. Most individuals who like customizing their clothes use this backing as it has the easiest application. In adhesive, you add a back coated with glue and a layer of paper that can be peeled off at the time of application. If you want to add a new look to your clothing or any other item for a limited time, then adhesive backing is the best option.
Hook And Loop Backing: It is commonly known as Velcro backing. It has two parts, a loop and a hook. The hook is present at the back of the patch, and you have to stitch the loop on the clothing item. Velcro can make your patch durable as it easily removes while washing or ironing.


Patches have been in trend for years. However, in the 21st century, they have become a fashion statement for people who love wearing customized clothes. Customizing patches online is an easy task due to technological advancements. Through digitizing, you can easily get custom-tailored emblems with your favourite designs. So choose a design, decide on the colours, select the size and use the digitizing process to make a super cool patch.

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