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As I drove away from Chateau Falconview, I noticed that I was following a truck whose flatbed included the gigantic shoe, which was virtually undamaged save from a watermelon-sized cut in its toe cap. On its way to Skid Row, the cake was being gently pro-club-long-sleeve jostled to and fro down Bel Air Road with its sponge now slightly damp.

In Munich, grew up in a middle-class household. His father, who is no longer living, was a doctor and an alcoholic; his mother was a housewife. remarked, “He wasn’t very nice to my mother.” parents separated when he was three, and the mother and child experienced some difficult years while regularly relocating and briefly residing with grandmother. changed his school.

family moved to Nuremberg when he was a teenager, and he started arranging modelling jobs and cleaning ashtrays at a nightclub. He showed me a photo of himself standing on the cover of a 1995 issue of the German teen magazine Bravo Girl! (“They wanted good-looking kids to work there,” he said, pulling up the image on his phone). Although his mother and stepfather disapproved of the fact that he was ignoring his schoolwork and enjoying the quick money he could make in the nightlife, they sent him to boarding school. He struggled to fit in with the preppy atmosphere of the school because he was the new kid once more. “I donned a Harry Potter-inspired haircut and

enrolled in Nuremberg’s law school in the 1990s. (I wanted to learn more about the rights that human beings have, he said in 2014 to Women’s Wear Daily.) But he didn’t appreciate being a student who had to rely on his parents for money. He had an idea that he thought would be a surefire money winner after reading a newspaper story on the prosperity of the pet supply market. With the tiny fortune he had received from his grandfather, he created and built a luxury dog bed that he marketed for $1500. It was a simple, Le Corbusier-inspired and faux-leather mini-sofa for the dog who has everything. “The production price was 500, and I reasoned that if I sold

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Italian border. He has lived there throughout the week while his business has been situated there for the previous ten years. Switzerland is a favoured location for multinational fashion labels to operate since it provides significant tax incentives to foreign companies like Plein’s. But Plein also appreciates Lugano’s high standard of living and idyllic lakeside atmosphere—”It’s the Disneyland of Switzerland,” he told me—a stark contrast to what he perceives as pro club shirts Milan’s grim reality and the city where his store is located. He declared, “Milan is filthy, it’s so ugly.” “I’d never want to live there.” He travels to his estate in Cannes on the weekends, where he lives with his girlfriend, vegan chef and social media star Lucia Bartoli, and their one-year-old baby.

In one recent image, she is squatting with the words “Fuck me like you hate me!” written in mirrored language on the wall beside her. She is also wearing leather leggings, sparkling blazer, and crystal stiletto platforms.

appeared much more than normal as he sprinted up the stairs to the fifth story of the elegant marble and glass office building. Along the way, he enthusiastically pointed out various interior design accents, such as a number of murals by American PLAYBOY HOODIE graffiti artist Alec Monopoly, who is a of reality-TV star Scott and YouTuber Jake Paul. (One artwork, “This is illegal, you know,” was created on real dollar bills.) was in for a couple of eventful days. He was putting on a display that evening for his clothing line, Billionaire, as part of

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