PNR Check Made Easy with Zoop Website and Track Your Train Location with the App

Your PNR number can be used to quickly check the IRCTC PNR status of your train tickets on Zoop. It is printed in the upper-left corner of your train ticket. Enter the 10-digit PNR number above and click “Check PNR Status” to check the status of your PNR. “.

The highly regarded Zoop App for train food and railway inquiries makes it simple to 

check the status of an online train PNR.

What is PNR.

Passenger Name Record, or PNR, is a 10-digit number generated by the Indian Railways that contains all of the passenger’s travel information, including train name and number, coach or berth number, source station, destination station, total distance in kilometers, and fare information. It also shows whether the status of the ticket is waiting, confirm, or RAC.

PNR Current Status Inquiry Using Zoop.

Because the PNR status inquiry service has been incorporated into the Zoop mobile app, travelers can stay informed by using the Check PNR Status option of their IRCTC PNR online.

To view your PNR status, merely type in your 10-digit PNR number in the search box above and click the “Check PNR Status” button.

The Zoop App, which displays the live PNR status prediction on your mobile device, provides the most accurate information regarding the PNR status of your ticket.

What Information Does a PNR Number Contain?

The printout of the PNR number is at the top-left corner of the train ticket. 

The PNR number is the primary determinant of the status of the trip, as can be seen by taking a virtual tour of the ticketing elements. The information listed below will be specified in your attempt to perform a PNR live check on a mobile device.

Coach and Seat Information.

You can immediately confirm the coach and seat details by checking the status of your 10-digit PNR on a train. If the ticket is in, there won’t be a seat or coach number because of the extreme rush on the train.

RAC standing or on a waiting list.

If the status is not confirm, information about a reservation against cancellation (RAC) or a waitlist will display when a passenger enters his PNR information for an enquiry.

Information on Ticket Upgrading:

There is a possibility of ticket upgrades. When a ticket gets upgrade, the PNR number stays the same. The seating is upgrade to the subsequent traveling class, e. g. Should the ticket be upgraded while the seating is in sleeper class, the passenger will be accommodated in the Third AC class.

Berth number and information:

For example, S1 43, A3 24, and HA1 20 are among the precise seat numbers and train coach positions that are given. The code S1 designates Berth 43 and Sleeper Coach 1.

Stations at the source and destination.

A passenger must board the train at both the source station and the destination station, which is also the last station before reaching the final destination.

Distance Traveled:

the duration of the trip as a whole.

Information on prices:.

how much the reservation will cost in total.

Information about the travelers.

Name, age, and gender are also their.

How to find out a PNR’s status.

You have five options for determining your train’s PNR status.

You can check PNR Status online through the website.

mobile software.

train information desks.

the reservation tables.

Charts that are attach to the coach door’s adjacent wall.

PNR Status Inquiry on the Internet.


  1. Go to http://www. visit
  2. Go to “PNR Status.” Or you can also Check Train Coach Position.
  3. Enter your PNR number here.
  4. You should click the “CHECK PNR STATUS” button.
  5. You can check the status of your PNR using a mobile app.
  6. Steps .
  7. To check Train PNR Status using a mobile app, download the Zoop App to your phone.
  8. Pick “PNR Status” after launching the application. “.
  9. Enter your PNR number.
  10. the menu, and then click “CHECK PNR STATUS.”.

How to check PNR status via Whatsapp.

Send a text message with the 10-digit PNR number PNR, i.e. e. To check the status of this PNR number, please enter PNR 2345678901.

Send it to  +91-7042062070 Zoop Whatsapp number 

What links do PNR Status and Train Charting have?

PNR numbers and chart preparation rules are related because the PNR number is essential to the final chart preparation of the train. This chart, which is on the outside of the train, contains the PNR number, passenger name, age, and gender, train number, coach number, and seat berth number.

PNR Status appears on the final chart.

It is usually prepare four hours before the train departs and adhered to the doorway. All conformational seats are allocate to the passengers in accordance with their booking status. Online PNR status checks are also available for passengers via the Zoop mobile app.

The Zoop PNR Status’s characteristics.

Take a look at the most recent PNR status update.

Get a potential train PNR status prediction.

the coach’s seat number, etc.

information pertaining to the travelers.

travel information.

Relevance of PNR Status.

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