How to Care Earthenware Dinnerware: Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Eathenware dinnerware-Cleaning tips

The earthenware, dinnerware and dining utensils need extra care than usual as it is important to maintain their look and finish. Good quality earthenware does not fade away with frequent use and is a must-have every woman loves to have in her kitchen collection. Buying it would also be challenging for its variations that are expensive or reasonably priced. It adds a beautifying aspect to the kitchen and the overall presentation in a systematic manner especially when welcoming guests for lunch or dinner. 

The different factors that take up a role in doing proper dinnerware care:

  • The glaze finishing
  • The designing carved with metals
  • The safety issues with the dishwasher and microwave
  • How the dinnerware is stored

To cope with any kind of rough usage with the ability to resist damage and breakage makes the quality and cost-effective as well. Maintaining the appearance under demanding conditions is an important test for earthenware. To get rid effectively of the concerns like bussing, scraping and racking, also together while washing and storing could be the effective resistance feature to uphold. The most common problems to get indulged while dealing with earthenware include breakage or chipping; scratches, metal markings and stains or discolouration. 

Like all the other dinnerware types you get, earthenware dining sets also have a kind of establishment to note on the cleaning care your piece needs right away. The concern on how to clean an earthenware can be properly handled by going through any advice or instructions that come along. Keep careful to bring the same to room temperature before cleaning them and is a common instruction you get to see with any kind of dinnerware. Earthenware typically handles the high-temperature change and no temperature can ever cause them a crack or chip. The care to take while washing is to avoid using citrus soaps or liquids as it causes them to get absorbed into the depth through its pores making it unhealthy for use. Washing can be done rough on earthenware and it would not cause any kind of damage as well.  

This guide will help you with a few simple tips to take care of earthenware in different aspects.

General Tips

  • Earthenware dinnerware used for serving food is never used for cooking. 
  • Washing at the earliest after use is highly recommended.
  • For cleaning, the dinner plates use smooth rubbing pads.
  • Check with the manufacturer’s instructions to know whether it is microwave safe.
  • Also, check for any kind of designs on them making it unsafe to go microwaves. 

Using Dishwasher

The dishwasher is a common methodology many tend to adopt in order to clean the utensils and the different dishwasher type in the market supports different dinnerware types as well. So, before planning to clean your earthenware in a dishwasher, know the settings of the dishwasher for each dinnerware type and set accordingly. While placing the earthenware dishes in a dishwasher try to avoid keeping them close to one another. The temperature settings in the dishwasher have to be set to normal for earthenware and also avoid adding an excess amount of detergents. Make sure you read the instruction manual, come along with the earthenware and choose the right detergents in the right quantity so it does not affect the shine of your super-vitrified glazed crockery.

Hand-wash for Earthenware

  • Handwashing is the best option over using a dishwasher to retain the delicateness of the material. 
  • While washing mild detergents are highly recommended to keep the thing like new even after several uses. 
  • Care has to be taken to avoid slips that could cause permanent damage to the item. 
  • After washing, try drying it with a soft cloth and also wash it separately not with the metal cutlery as they can cause scratches as well. 
  • Soaking is also recommended to remove tough stains on the pottery dinnerware.

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