Holistic Healing: Complementary Therapies for Recovery

Ever heard about the term ‘holistic healing’? You may have heard it in passing but never had the time to ponder over it. This approach is widely used in drug rehabilitation centers in Mumbai, to offer the best way and solutions to their patients. Buy what is it in the first place? In simple terms, it is an approach that treats a person as a whole, not just the problem or ailment he is suffering from. It comprises the activities and treatments that are aimed to simultaneously treat the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of a person’s health.

By using a holistic approach in a vyasan mukti kendra, the entire individual is addressed during the treatment and not just a single aspect. They are designed to have an impact on the overall well-being of the person. While traditional therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy and medication treatments are widely used in treating addiction in most of the nasha mukti kendra in Pune, incorporating holistic treatments can help with mental health, curb withdrawal symptoms, and help prevent relapse.

Holistic therapies can be used to treat a number of issues including:

• Alcohol addiction
• Drug addiction
• Gaming addiction
• Food addiction
• Gambling addiction

Types of holistic therapies you can find at a vyasan mukti kendra in Pune (वेसण मुक्ती केंद्र) are:


Yoga is one of the simplest solutions for issues relating to mental and emotional health. Doing simple asanas and meditation can teach you significant self-control. It is fairly simple to incorporate it into de-addiction therapies at vyasan mukti kendra, as practicing yoga does not require anyone to be experienced or flexible.

There is significant evidence that yoga helps in regulating stress hormones. When these hormones are regulated it can lead to anxiety, depression, stress disorders, and substance abuse. Yoga helps to regulate these hormones in the body, decreasing the desire to use substances to cope.


Meditation is the practice of concentrating on your chain of thoughts, not judging them but coming to peace with them. Meditation has been shown to reduce stress and reactive behavior. When used as part of a de-addiction treatment program at व्यसन मुक्ती केंद्र पुणे (nasha mukti kendra in Pune) it can help manage cravings, intense desires, and other triggers.

The nervous system is the most significant part of the body that is impacted by substance abuse. When meditation is used as a holistic therapy at a vyasan mukti kendra, it improves the nervous system. There are several ways of practicing meditation including:

• Spiritual meditation
• Mindfulness meditation
• Movement meditation
• Focused meditation
• Visualization meditation
• Chanting meditation

Regular exercises

Exercises release endorphins in your brain, which help relieve pain, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being. This may help reduce anxiety and depression, which are sometimes the causes of substance abuse in the first place. The level of these feel-good hormones decreases when you use drugs or alcohol. Regular exercise helps elevate the levels of endorphins and also encourages a sense of discipline and routine, which are essential during the early days of recovery.

Benefits of holistic therapy

When incorporated along with traditional treatments, holistic therapies can be highly effective in the process of de-addiction. Some of the benefits of holistic therapies are:

• Helps prevent relapse
• Increases self-confidence
• Improving physical fitness
• Helps practicing mindfulness
• Improves overall health and wellness

Holistic or traditional treatment?

Both traditional and holistic therapies are used in वेसण मुक्ती केंद्र (drug rehabilitation center in Mumbai) to cure addiction and other related issues such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. Both approaches include individual and group therapies that help you understand the fundamental issues that led to substance abuse.

Understanding these suppressed issues is an essential part of forming counterstrategies to overcome addiction. There is no concrete conviction as to which of them is better. Traditional methods of de-addiction have been around for years and have helped a lot of people escape the trap of substance use. Holistic therapies can be viewed as complementary to traditional therapies, providing alternative approaches to curing addiction.

How do I find a rehab center that provides holistic treatment?

There are many rehab centers in India that incorporate holistic therapies in their de-addiction programs. Before approaching any nasha mukti kendra in Pune, it is essential that you go through the therapies they use to treat their patients. CareNext Institute of Psychological Health is a reputed and reliable drug rehabilitation center in Mumbai and Pune providing addiction treatment for over seven years with due diligence and motivation. Approach us today to receive help for addiction and other related issues.

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