Get the best invention of 2023 Haier HSU-18HFTCD at M&S electronics


T3 technology has undergone a revolution thanks to the Haier HSU-18HFTCD White and Silver Thunder DC Inverter.

 In contrast to conventional compressors, the novel radiator ventilation increases the amount of air circulation. Additionally, a greater heat exchange area and the use of silicone grease with high thermal conductivity boost the heat dissipation efficiency. As a result, you can adjust the compressor’s efficiency to suit your needs. This is accomplished with a variable-frequency drive, which consists of a movable electrical inverter to regulate the compressor’s speed. The inverter air conditioners are more effective, more durable, and better able to handle sudden changes in load. As a result, the DC inverter is now more effective, energy-saving, and quiet. Haier HSU-18HFTCD is available in two  silver and white.

Full BTU at 52°C

The cooling capacity of Haier HSU-18HFTCD might still reach 100% with the implementation of an optimised cooling system, giving the user the best cooling experience at a high temperature of 52°C.

WiFi Command

Your phone may manage the air conditioner anytime, anyplace, using WiFi or a 3G or 4G network thanks to the plug-in USB design. The “Haier Smart” mobile app is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for Android users.


To improve the dependability and performance of the air conditioner, protect it from the harm brought on by the hostile environment in coastal areas where the air is heavy in humidity, salt, chemicals, and acid.

 The PCB U-Shape tubes and tube plates have a special protective coating that will shield the mass from corrosive substances, gas leaks, and corrosion.

Cashback by Haier

As a reputable brand in the home appliance sector, Haier is aware of the difficulties consumers encounter when facing high inflation. Haier is thrilled to launch a limited-time offer that will run from May 5 through May 25 to lessen some of the pressures. Customers can qualify for a tempting rebate that ranges from 3,000 to 8,000 when they purchase any Haier air conditioner during this offer period. To provide clients with a seamless and practical experience, Haier is also offering free AC installation services around the country. By lowering the cost and increasing the accessibility of Haier ACs, this kind of offer intends to assist end users.

Refrigerant R32

Haier HSU-18HFTCD uses R-32 refrigerant. Compared to air conditioners that utilize the refrigerant R-22, R-32 can lower electricity consumption by up to 10% since it efficiently transfers heat. Additionally, R-32 is notable for its low environmental impact and has a global warming potential (GWP) that is one-third lower than the commonly used refrigerants of today, such as R-22 and R-410A. Because of its remarkable energy efficiency, it won’t raise your energy costs.

4 and 10 years warranty

4+10 years of the contract are included with this Haier HSU-18HFTCD . That equals four years for the PCB, ten years for the compressor. The air conditioner’s heart is its compressor. The refrigerant must be moved between the evaporator and condenser coils so that it can transform into a gas or a liquid as necessary. A PCB warranty guarantees a product of the highest calibre without any flaws. When buying an air conditioner, the majority of consumers are worried about energy costs and air conditioner maintenance. All of that is covered by the PCB warranty.

Free Installation by Haier

Leading home appliance company Haier is dedicated to giving its consumers excellent products and services. Since 2020, Haier has provided free AC installation services worldwide through its professionally qualified installers. This year, Haier is continuing this tradition and helping end users during this period of high inflation.

Haier is aware that for many clients, installing an air conditioner can be a difficult undertaking. For this reason, the business has decided to give free installation services to all of its clients countrywide. Customers will receive top-notch installation services from Haier’s qualified and experienced installers thanks to this move, which aims to make the installation procedure convenient and hassle-free for them.

Low voltage operation

Haier HSU-18HFTCD air conditioner’s ability to run at low voltages does not compromise its performance. It can start up and function even at a very low voltage thanks to a low-voltage startup capability. Since the air conditioner will keep running even during voltage drops, this is especially helpful in places where voltage variations are frequent. The Haier HSU-18HFTCD’s intelligent inverter technology enables the low voltage operation function. Since the compressor can alter its speed dependent on the cooling load and voltage supply thanks to inverter technology, the air conditioner will run effectively and efficiently even at low voltages.

Overall, the Haier HSU-18HFTCD air conditioner is a dependable and efficient option even in places where voltage fluctuations are widespread due to its low voltage operation capability.

Wrapping Up

M&S Electronics has been a successful part of Pakistan’s electronic industry since 2007. Our company only takes on vendors that have proven their reliability to us with time, and Haier is also one of them.

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