Get a Flawless Bag Shape: Base Shapers Available in Saudi Arabia

bag abse shaper in saudi arabia

Bags losing their shape after a little use is very common because we do not keep them in the best condition possible. Handbags are used to describe our personality and it can be easily ruined if our bags are not in shape.

Handbags are one of the most important parts of women. Without their handbags, they never go anywhere. Bags are used to complete our whole outfit. In this article, you will read the tips that how you can prevent your bag from its sagginess. 

When the bag starts to lose, we think that it was not made with good material. Actually, yes, material matters, but it is also our duty to keep our bags maintained. 

How To Protect Our Bags from Sagginess?

Storing handbags is a crucial task. Most women destroy their bags by not storing them properly. We just hang it on the doorknob or some sort of hook. 

Firstly, Stuff Them

Before storing your bag, stuff them with a soft material like rough fabric, dirtbags, and even newspapers. In this way, their shape will always remain intact and there will be fewer chances of it to lose. Make sure not to stuff more than the bag’s capacity, otherwise, they may start to lose their shape. 

Now, Store Them

Working women after a whole tiring day, are not interested in anything but rest. They just simply put their handbags anywhere or simply hang them. This is not correct. At least, you have to put them on a shelf to keep their shape upright. 

Hanging the bags makes their straps stretch and the fabric loose. In this way, it will not be in the condition to be worn anymore. The best way to keep your bags maintained is to insert a bag shaper. Get your bag base shaper in saudi arabia now from MBoutique to maintain your bags. 

Cover The Bag

Another common mistake we do is not covering the bag. The bag’s cover prevents it from capturing dust and direct light. 

Most designer bags come up with a box. Save the box as a cover for the bag to use on a daily basis. The box is specially designed according to your bag’s shape and size. If you do not have these bags, using plastic bags is also not bad. 

Some rough pillowcases can also be used to cover our handbags. Use the light-coloured ones because dark coloured have the chance to transfer colour. It may ruin your whole bag. 

Bag Shapers

Base shapers are a gadget that is built for your bag maintenance. They will protect your bag from reaching a state of sagginess. But you have to make sure that you have bought the right base shaper and inserted it correctly. 

Base shapers are bought according to the style and size of the bags. The company MBoutique offers purse shapers for almost all global brands of bags. While ordering your base shaper, you have to provide all the information about your bag like its brand, model, size, and shape. 

The right way to insert base shapers is to press them deep inside the corners of the bag’s base. If you do not insert it properly, the shape of the bag will be destroyed. Contact MBoutique now to buy a base shaper for your designer bag.

Maintenance Tools

There also come maintenance tools for your handbags. For example, some brands also offer a raincoat with their designer bags. This raincoat prevents direct rainwater from splashing on the bag. Sometimes due to acid in the rain, the bag’s fabric starts to ruin. 

Also, do not put your handbag in the direct sunlight. The material of some bags is often sensitive to sunlight. Make sure to put them in a shade. 

Use some oil-resistant hand sanitizers for the oil in your hands. It is also sensitive to the bag’s fabric. We impulsively put our bags on the floor. But actually, it is dangerous for it. It may gather dirt and bacteria around it. 


We use handbags to determine our personality. The first thing people notice in a woman’s outfit is her bag. So, if it is not in the correct shape, it can ruin your presence. So, get a base shaper from MBoutique now to protect your bag against sagginess. 

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