Crystal Clear: Tips and Techniques for a Spotless Windshield

Crystal Clear: Tips and Techniques for a Spotless Windshield

Keeping the car clean is for aesthetic purposes, hygiene, and safety. Regarding safety, the windshield must be clean, as a clear windshield makes the vision clear. There are no obstacles on it that make it difficult for the driver to pay attention on the road. A spotless windshield thus reduces the chances of accidents.

But how can one make the windshield spotless? Of course, cleaning is the answer. But just regular cleaning is not enough. Not must follow a proper cleaning procedure to ensure that the windshield is clean. It includes using the right cleaning accessories like a car foam sprayer. The foam sprayer lifts the dirt from the surface, making the removal easy. 

Firstly, Have the Correct Tools 

It is important to have the correct tools before one starts cleaning. Firstly, one needs a water source and a cleaner. A cleaner like the Wavex foam blaster is perfect for gently washing the surface and picking up the dirt. Then one also needs a microfiber cloth, glass cleaner and a spray bottle. 

Now that one has all the cleaning materials, they can start cleaning. Here is what they must do.

Tips and Techniques for a Spotless Windshield

  1. Mix the Solution

One can create a cleaning solution. In a spray bottle, one can mix water with the cleaner or with alcohol. For a homemade solution, one can also add vinegar. Using it through a spray bottle ensures one does not use too much of the solution. An overdose may harm the windshield. 

  1. Start Cleaning 

First, remove the dry, non-abrasive microfiber to remove any surface dirt and debris. Then, spray the windscreen with the cleaning solution. Once the windshield has a generous amount of the cleaner, let it sit for a while. After that, start wiping away. 

First, do it vertically and then move on to the horizontal motion. After the wiping, take a new and dry microfiber cloth to start buffing for a spotless windshield. Use a circular motion for this.

  1. Clean the Inside of the Windshield

Cleaning the inside is just as important as the outside. Spread a few dry towels on the dashboard. It ensures that no cleaning liquid or dirt will fall onto the vinyl part of the dashboard. Spray the solution on one side of the windshield and work your way to the centre. Use gentle wiping motions and buff it with a fresh dry cloth. 

  1. Always Use Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloth is the best way to achieve a spotless windshield. Using very light pressure, one can remove the stains and the spots on the windshield. Keep wiping until all the spotting and dirt on the glass disappear.

It is best to keep a second microfiber cloth at hand. One can use it to wipe away the leftover glass spray. It helps to remove any streaks for better clarity and cleanliness. Once you do these steps on the exterior side of the glass, it is time to repeat it on the outer side. 

Make sure to go back over the area again to cover it whole, in case you missed a spot the first time. Keep your cleaning and finishing cloth separate. It will prevent excess cleaner and soil from smearing your flawless finish.

To achieve a spotless windshield, apply a dust-repellent or rain-repellent protectant to keep the auto glass crystal clear. 

Tips for Cleaning the Windshield

Knowing the techniques to clean the windshield allows one to achieve a clean windshield. Additionally, from the products and the procedures, there are some tips that one must know to ensure a clean windshield. These tips will make the cleaning process much easier. 

  • Work from the Passenger’s Seat

Since the cleaning requires one to tend to both the inner and the outer side of the vehicle, one must find ways to make it easy. For the inner part, one can work from the passenger’s seat. It allows better access to the windshield. 

  • It is a Time-Consuming Process, So Do Not Rush

The essence is taking your time and cleaning attentively to achieve a spotless windshield. Rushing the cleaning process will leave the windshield with unclean patches. A slow cleaning ensures a streak-free windshield and does not hamper visibility. 

Regular Maintenance is Important

With all the tips and the products, all one needs to do is maintain a cleaning schedule. Cleaning ensures better visibility and keeps dirt and debris from damaging the windshield. Always clean your windshield in a shaded area to prevent water spots.

Following a proper procedure and schedule is imperative while cleaning the windshield. It ensures a spotless windshield, just like one would get at a detailing job. However, you can do it at home with these tips and tricks and the right products from 

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