Creative ways to Style Unstitched Lawn Dresses 

unstitched lawn dresses

 The lawn is the most popular choice of fabric for the summer season. There is a wide variety of stitched and unstitched lawn suits available in the market. Stitched lawn suits are a convenient way of maintaining a stylish wardrobe while unstitched dresses let the creative minds play around with the fabric, mix, and match different prints and use embellishments and laces to design suits reflecting individual tastes. Pakistani dresses are very popular across the border, owing to the similarity of the cultures. Pakistani lawn suits are a favorite among Indian women which has opened new markets for Pakistani designers. 

Styling Tips for Unstitched Lawn Suits 

Unstitched lawn suits can be designed in a variety of ways. From varying cuts to embellishments, laces, and embroideries there are a lot of choices available in the market. Everyone can easily find something that suits their taste and design the dress according to their preferences. Some styling tips for unstitched lawn suits are discussed below. 

Matching Separates 

Matching separates is a fashion trend that has taken over the world. It is popular in the western as well as eastern markets. Matching separates are simple suits stitched with a single fabric. Embellished fabrics such as sequenced fabrics can be used for formal wear whereas simple lawn prints look beautiful when stitched into matching separates. They are comfortable attire and save the hassle of finding matching shalwars/ pants with the shirts. 

Solid Colors 

Another fashion trend coming straight from international runaways is the use of solid colors. Solid-colored matching separates look very elegant. Pastel or neutral colors can be used for everyday wear whereas bright colors paired with chunky jewelry are enough to make a fashion statement. 

Another simplistic way of styling a solid suit is by adding a broche or the use of metal buttons. 

Mix and Match 

Mix and match complementing prints to form a unique design. Joining various printed pieces creatively looks chic and reflects individual creativity. Various ways to mix and match include joining small floral prints with geometric designs in the same shade or adding a solid-colored back to a printed front, or patching multiple designs together. 


Wearing solid-colored shrugs over printed suits or vice versa makes the suit stand out. Such dresses can be used for formal wear as well. In summer sheer fabric such as organza or chiffon is used to make shrugs over lawn shirts. Shrugs can be full length, medium, or waist length called the “kotis” in the native language. The length of the shrug depends on the individual style as well as the print of the complimenting suit.  

Big geometrical or leafy prints blend well with full-length shrugs whereas small prints can be paired with medium to small length shrugs. 

Western Cuts 

Lawn suits inspired by Western cuts look very stylish. Printed or plain suits made in the blazer style with loose straight pants or flowy flappers add a contemporary look to traditional attire. Short shirts with bell bottoms are another example of Western-infused fashion that has been trending in Pakistan for many years. 


Stitching lawn suits into angrakhas is another form of styling lawn. Rather than the boring plain kurtis, making angrakhas with trousers or choori pajamas look classic. The angrakhas have been in fashion for a long time and they never look outdated. Angrakha neckline can also be made on a Western-inspired peplum shirt for adding a contemporary touch to the traditional angrakhas. 

All White Summer Outfit 

White is a popular color choice for summer. It gives a cooling effect and looks great on hot summer days. Printed shirts have been paired with white shalwars for a long time. All-white summer outfits with the same color embroidery or a little mirror work look great in summer. Pairing these outfits with khussas gives the perfect ethnic look. For people who prefer adding color to the all-white outfit can try experimenting with multi-colored dupattas contrasting with the outfit.  

Traditional Three-Piece Suits 

The closet of a Pakistani woman is incomplete without a traditional three-piece suit. Beautiful printed three-piece lawn suits are readily available in the market. They save the hassle of designing and matching fabrics to complete a suit. It is a graceful attire suitable for all occasions. They look especially good at cultural events.  

Unstitched lawn suits paired with the same colored organza dupatta with buttons in the front is a simple dress that looks fashionable yet modest to be worn on various functions including, milads, birthdays, and get-togethers. 

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