CAT SD5K Dozer: Powerhouse Equipment for Construction & Mining

CAT SD5K Dozer Powerhouse Equipment for Construction & Mining

The development of heavy-duty equipment & infra industry is interlinked. To substantiate, highly advanced heavy equipment accelerates work output for the infra industry. As a result, the Indian infrastructure industry contributes significantly to the GDP.

Similarly, the continuous demand from the infra industry for heavy equipment encourages companies to produce innovative machines equipped with highly-advanced features. Subsequently, it increases profit for heavy equipment manufacturing companies. Besides, two brands leading this industry are Mahindra & CAT.

Featuring Best-Selling Equipment from Mahindra & CAT

MAHINDRA Earthmaster VX Backhoe Loader

This machine from Mahindra tops the chart of best-performing models in India. This is because the model comes with highly advanced features delivering massive work output. To illustrate, the operating weight of this backhoe loader is 8000 kg.

Moreover, the equipment is adept at enhancing work efficiency thanks to its ability to reach a height of 2708 mm. This further helps the transportation of loads at a distant height.

Additionally, with 3428 kg of lifting capacity, the model can easily carry heavy materials at once. Furthermore, the backhoe bucket capacity of this loader is 1 cum. Hence facilitating work efficiency. Above all, the price range of this model is Rs. 32 to 25 Lakhs in India.

CAT SD5K Dozer

This dozer from CAT has surpassed all the expectations of work output & efficiency thanks to its highly-advanced features. To begin with, this dozer features a track gauge of 1700 mm, increasing work productivity for construction & mining projects. Additionally, the model comes with an operating weight of 5000 kg, acting as an accelerator of work output.

What’s further interesting is the semi-universal capacity of this model: 3-meter cube. This particular spec ensures smooth operations amid tough working conditions. Moreover, the model’s net power is about 130 HP. Above all, the price range of this equipment is Rs 49 to Rs. 51 Lakhs in India.

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