Buy and Get Benefit of the Mindblowing Features of Gree 18PITH11G

 The Gree 18PITH11G 1.5-tonne inverter ac, one of Gree’s best-selling products, shines in terms of quality, durability, and energy efficiency. With an EER of roughly 3.6, this is unquestionably one of the best dc inverters Ac Gree has ever produced. Make sure to inspect every inverter air conditioner before buying it in Pakistan. Gree Inverter AC is currently well-known in Pakistan’s household and commercial markets. They are one of the few businesses with a sizable market share in the HVAC industry. Modern inverter technology, such as that used by the Gree Pular Inverter AC, can lower energy consumption by as much as 60%.

Permanent Results

Gree 18PITH11G Pular DC Inverter 1.5T Heat & Cool reduces energy consumption by up to 60% with A+ technology. The Gree Pular inverter operates across a wide voltage range of 150-240 Volts and can handle operations at 420-2200 Watts of power. In addition, 4D airflow with vertical and horizontal orientations disperses the air in all directions despite being directed toward a single person.

Thanks to a double deflector in the air vents, air throw is feasible even at 90 degrees. With seven fan speeds, it is substantially more efficient. It has seven settings altogether, including Turbo Mode and Sleep Mode. Features include Timer, Auto Restart, and Child Lock.

Turbo operation

 Gree 18PITH11G inverters employ more efficient rotary compressors as a result of their freshness and modernism. They also changed to dual rotary T3 compressors, which offer rapid cooling and heating. They heat and cool the space more quickly thanks to their high BTU usage, turbo operation, and wider indoor layouts with 4D split airflow.

Launching at Low Voltage

Voltage drops provide no difficulties. The Gree 18PITH11G (1.5-Ton) series has a low starting voltage. Its capacity to operate at low voltages does not affect how well it performs. It has a low-voltage startup capability, allowing it to start up and run even at very low voltage. This is especially useful in locations where voltage changes are common because the air conditioner will continue to operate even during voltage decreases.

Heating and cooling system for floors and ceilings

In the summer, Gree 18PITH11G lowers the room’s temperature by chilling the ceiling. To keep you warm throughout the winter, it also heats the floor. The air filters will also be automatically cleaned by a volatile liquid, and the cleaner will evaporate with no dust left behind. Child Lock features assist protect AC operation when the remote control is in a child’s hands.

Latest Features

Additionally, it contains a plethora of modern features. Cleaning air filters is made simple by the auto-clean function. According to research, indoor air is more contaminated than outdoor air, which can contribute to asthma, headaches, and other health issues. Gree PULAR DC inverters have a built-in cold plasma air purifier that gets rid of bacteria, viruses, and other dangerous particles. Your AC, therefore, takes care of the air you breathe.

Quiet function

The Gree 18PITH11G compressor doesn’t turn on and off all the time. The inverter normally controls the compressor at a low speed when a small room setting is required to save energy. It also generates less noise. Despite the non-inverter AC, they continue to operate at full speed to maintain warmth.

Four and ten years of warranty

This Gree 18PITH11G includes a contract for 4+10 years. The compressor will last ten years, whereas the PCB warranty will last four years. The compressor is the engine of the air conditioner. Between the evaporator and condenser coils, the refrigerant must be transferred for it to change into a gas or a liquid as required. A PCB warranty ensures that a flawless, high-quality product will be delivered. Most people are concerned about energy prices and air conditioner maintenance when they purchase an air conditioner. The PCB warranty covers all of that.

Wrapping Up

One of our top-line and best-selling items, the Gree 18PITH11G (1.5 Tonne), is available throughout Pakistan at the lowest price with a rapid delivery service. Therefore, don’t hesitate and hurry to purchase this item from M&S Electronics right away. Before we run out of stock, place your order right away or give us a call. Since 2007, M&S Electronics has contributed significantly to Pakistan’s electronic industry. Only merchants that have established their dependability to us through time are accepted by our business, and Gree is one of them.

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