Best Trucks for Your Business Needs in India

Tata LPT 1916 Truck

Within India’s bustling trucking scene, Tata and Eicher emerge as forerunners in utility trucks. Eicher truck has a higher loading capacity, while Tata truck incorporates advanced technology suiting business operations. 

Exploring the robust landscape of utility trucks in India, Tata and Eicher stand out as prominent contenders. Eicher trucks are durable, offering reliability, while a Tata new truck incorporates innovative features. 

1. Tata LPT 1916 Truck

Tata brings an all-new BS6-compliant engine to reduce emissions. This engine produces 160 HP output, ensuring excellent performance. Besides, this model is priced at Rs. 26.30 Lakh – Rs. 27.30 Lakh.

Moreover, the overall weight in GVW is 18500 kg. It allows more cargo loading capacity at 13200 kg, ensuring safer transportation. 

Besides, the impressive fuel tank promotes superb mileage for more trips. Apart from this, Tata emphasizes driver’s comfort. The fitted LPT CAB cabin type ensures stress-free and long-haul driving.

2. Eicher Pro 3019 Truck

All new Eicher Pro 3019 models incorporate several features. It has a strong body, bigger windshield glass, and big square headlights for a better view. Besides, the E494 engine of this model delivers 180 HP output for productive business operations. 

Eicher truck’s GVW is 18500 kg, easily allowing more cargo load in the vehicle. In addition, the (4490/5490/6690 MM) wheelbase promotes higher stability while driving, even on flyovers. 

Furthermore, fitted with a customizable body and face cowl chassis type and sleeper cabin, the model is versatile. Hence, the Eicher trucks price in India at Rs.25.90 Lakh – Rs 28.18 Lakh.