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Most people use Dubai as a stopover destination. They fly in, spend a night or two, then fly onward to their final destination. While Dubai is often seen as “Vegas in the desert,” there is a surprising amount of things to do here. There’s depth to the city that its popular image doesn’t accurately portray.

Dubai is a city trapped between worlds. It’s a place with a conservative culture and old-world customs while at the same time a Middle-Eastern Vegas where anything goes (so long as it’s behind closed doors). There’s a lot of partying that happens here. you can check Dubai Tours .

1. Visit the Burj Khalifa

The tallest building in the world, which opened in 2010, boasts a whopping 163 floors. You can go up to the 125th floor for 169 AED for epic views of the city. And for 399 AED you can climb even higher to floor 148 and visit the exclusive lounge. From there, you get panoramic views of the city and desert. Towering 555 meters (1,820 feet), the iconic tower contains a hotel, private residences, corporate offices, and a bar/lounge. At night, the building is illuminated by a spectacular light show of fish, palm trees, and other scenes while the fountain below dances to music.

2. Take a desert safari

If you want to get a taste of the desert, head out on a day-long safari. You’ll be able to explore the desert, watch for birds and other wildlife, eat some traditional food, and take in the sweeping vistas. Tour offerings include desert jeep tours, camel riding tours, and horseback riding excursions. A day-long excursion starts at around 439 AED per person.

3. Visit Global Village

This is a massive entertainment extravaganza, with shopping, dining, and live performances all coming together to create an incredible cultural experience. It’s like Epcot Center at Disney World, except it showcases the different cultures of the Middle East. Enjoy ice-skating at Snowfest Ice Rink, visiting Ripley’s Believe It or Not, or taking a thrilling ride at Carnaval amusement park. Admission is only 18 AED.

4. Explore the Dubai Miracle Garden

This quirky and colorful garden opened in 2013 and is spread over 72,000 square meters (775,000 square feet), making it the world’s largest natural flower garden. It’s home to over 150 million flowers and all kinds of flower and plant sculptures. In addition to the natural beauty, you can experience various performances that change each week, and a daily flower parade with live music and choreographed dancers in full flower garb. If you get hungry during your visit there are more than 30 food and beverage options including cafes, candy shops, and healthy juice bars. Admission is 75 AED.

5. Tour the Jumeirah Mosque

Opened in 1979, this beautiful mosque is one of two in the city you can actually visit. Built in the Fatimid style, it consists of one large room and there is a guided tour every day at 10am and 2pm (except Fridays). It’s 35 AED and comes with a great breakfast spread. If you don’t know much about Islam or the role it plays in the UAE, it’s a pretty interesting and educational tour.


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