A Giant’s Causeway Tour from Belfast to the Coastal Route!

Belfast Tour to Giant's Causeway

Lonely Planet named Belfast and the Causeway Coastal Route in Northern Ireland as the best place to visit. When you are planning a Belfast Tour to Giant’s Causeway then the best way to explore the coastline is to walk some of the coastal route.

Let’s discuss some details about the place and the reason why it is famous. 

What is Giant’s Causeway? 

Giant’s Causeway is an area on the northern Irish coast that is made up of about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns which were the result of volcanic fissure eruptions and the subsequent cooling and weathering of the rocks. 

It also has a place where you can take the Game of Thrones Tours and enjoy the best view. There the stones formed hexagonal shapes and didn’t appear to be natural. 

There is also another explanation of the rocks and that is the story of Finn McCool who is a giant who lived in Northern Ireland and built the causeway to cross over to Scotland so he could fight a Scottish giant. However, when he arrived in Scotland he realized that the Scottish. 

Giant was far bigger and fiercer than he could imagine and he ran back across the causeway to his house. The Scottish giant saw him running and gave chase. Then Finn’s wife has the idea to dress him up as a baby to hide him from the scary giant. 

When you will plan a Belfast Tour to Giant’s Causeway then you will know the entire story.

Where is the Giant’s Causeway about Belfast? 

The Causeway Coastal route runs from Belfast on the east coast of Northern Ireland along the coast to Derry where Northern Ireland borders the north coast of Ireland. The Giant’s Causeway is close to the most northerly point of Northern Ireland which is about 60 miles northeast of Belfast. 

Why take a Belfast Tour to Giant’s Causeway?  

Getting from Belfast to the Giant’s Causeway with a tour is an easy and convenient way to see more of Northern Ireland in just a day. There are lots of companies who arrange trips, you can visit our website and can easily get the other details. 

Causeway Coastal Route

Taking any Giant’s Causeway day tour from Belfast is a good way to catch a glimpse of the beautiful coastline but to fully appreciate the scale and beauty of the Northern Irish coastline you have to explore more than just the Giant’s Causeway. 

Things You Will See During This Tour 

You will experience the Game of Thrones Tours and the Dunseverick Castle a small ruin that marks the starting point of the walk. To say it is a castle is quite an exaggeration in its current state but it used to be one.  

The full Giant ’s Causeway tour from Belfast includes a trip to the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge and the chance to cross the bridge if you are feeling brave enough. 

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