How do you book your Spirit flight tickets

spirit ticket

Spirit Airlines offers a number of guidelines that allow users to modify their bookings to meet their requirements. One such regulation is the name change policy of Spirit Airlines. Travelers may change the name on their reservation in the case of an error or if they are unable to attend and would like to transfer their ticket to another individual. This article will go over the intricacies of Spirit name change policy including fees, restrictions, and how to alter the name of a reservation.

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Book Spirit flight Ticket online using website

  • Visit the official website portal of
  • Check the booking section of Spirit Airlines. 
  • Enter the destination name from where you want to fly, enter the description of the trip like source name, destination name etc.
  • Submit the details of the trip and you can see the available flights on the Spirit Portal.
  • Select the most suitable flight from and complete the booking process.
  • Save the ticket after booking your ticket as it holds your trip related important details and information.

Book Spirit Ticket using Spirit Mobile App

  • Install the Spirit official app in your mobile phone for booking your ticket.
  • Select your date of spirit trip and enter the location information. 
  • Fill in the information on the spirit app with your last name, the trip dates, the source, and the destination. Make sure you check the data’s correctness. 
  • Check policies and verify the details before submitting it on the Spirit Airlines portal.
  • Proceed with payment and choose add-ons if you wish to extend your vacation on Spirit.

Book Spirit ticket offline

  • Visit the nearest airport and find the spirit counter for booking your ticket.
  • Provide the details to the spirit representative for booking your Spirit Airlines Ticket.
  • Executive will collect the details and book a ticket according to your preference.
  • Make the payment and Collect the ticket from the counter, keeping your ticket safe.

Book a Spirit ticket offline.
• Book your ticket at the nearest airport’s Spirit counter.
• Give the Spirit Airlines representative the necessary information to book your ticket.
•The executive will take the information and book a ticket based on your preferences.
•Make your money and collect the ticket from the desk; keep it securely. 

How to manage Spirit Booking

You will find the option of managing booking on the mobile app or website of Spirit. You can change, update, modify your flight ticket using the spirit manage booking option. Apart from that you can also check the departure and arrival times, your flight number, and the airport terminals. 

In case if you aren’t able to manage your booking online you can call at the customer care and follow the commands. You will be able to manage your booking using the Spirit customer Care number. Spirit Airlines has certain policies regarding baggage prices and sizes. Learn about the requirements and deadlines for checking in. You can often check in online, which will save you time at the airport.


Spirit has given you great flexibility and all possible ways to book or manage your flight ticket. Here we discussed the most possible ways of booking your Spirit Flight ticket which are online, at the airport, using a mobile app and using the on-call facility of the Spirit Airlines. Choose and pick any method and fly with Spirit Airlines for your next destination.
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