Exploring The Advantages And Types Of W-Beam Guardrails

Guardrails are the support system installed on roads that everyone has noticed. These guardrails are a safety hazard that deters collisions between vehicles. The major aim of guardrails is to prevent vehicles from falling off the road. Due to the major significance of guardrails, their quality matters most. So, one should approach one of the best highway guardrail suppliers to ensure that the quality of the product is top-notch. 

VG Steel is one of the most reputed and trusted highway guardrail suppliers in Malaysia. We are committed to offering cutting-edge products to our customers. We put the client’s requirements and satisfaction factor first. We are always ready to serve our customers with our top-notch products and provide them with a guarantee of safety with our guardrails. 

Guardrails are of different types, and one of the types is a W-beam guardrail. W-beam guardrails are a common type of roadside safety barrier used to reduce the severity of accidents by redirecting errant vehicles away from hazards or other obstacles. In this blog post, we will explore some advantages and types of W-beam guardrails.

Advantages of W-beam Guardrails:

The quality of these guardrails depends on the w-beam guardrail suppliers, and VG Steel is leading the way in this situation. Let’s explore some of the advantages of these types of guardrails:

  • Easy installation: Professional engineers and workers find these guardrails easy to install compared to other guardrails. 
  • Prevent vehicles from falling off: It is well-known that w-beam guardrails are the best safety hazard that prevents vehicles from falling off the roads and highways.
  • High-quality material: The W-beam guardrails are made up of high-quality materials that require less maintenance and will provide strength on roads and highways. 
  • Corrosion-resistant: W-beam guardrail suppliers make these guardrails from premium materials that are completely corrosion-resistant. 
  • Highly durable: Due to their high-quality manufacturing, these guardrails are highly durable and are able to handle pressure and damage.
  • Cost-effective: Compared to other categories of guardrails, w-bema guardrails are relatively cost-effective. 
  • Versatility: W-beam guardrails are versatile safety barriers that can be used in various settings, including highways, rural roads, urban streets, and bridges. 

Types of W-beam guardrails:

The W-shaped cross-section of these guardrails, which provides structural integrity and energy-absorbing qualities upon impact, gives them their name. There are various W-beam guardrail types that are employed in various contexts, each of which is created to satisfy particular installation needs and safety requirements. Here are some of the key types:

  1. Single-Sided W-Beam Guardrail: 

This is the simplest type of W-beam guardrail, consisting of a single row of W-shaped beams fastened to supporting posts. It is frequently applied in areas where there is a one-sided risk of errant vehicles, such as on rural roads or highways without much of a median. We suggest you approach VG Steel to buy the product, as we are one of the best W-beam guardrail suppliers.  

  • Double-Sided W-Beam Guardrail: 

Two rows of W-shaped beams, one on either side of the supporting posts, are present in this type of guardrail. When there is a chance of a cross-median accident occurring, double-sided guardrails are frequently used in medians or on roads.

  • Thrie-Beam Guardrail: 

When compared to W-beam guardrails, thrie-beam guardrails have a modified W-shaped profile. They are distinguished by a prominent “bulb” at the top and a more flattened appearance. Thrie-beam guardrails are frequently used in high-traffic areas and on high-speed roads because they are particularly effective at containing larger vehicles.

  • Box-Beam Guardrail: 

Contrary to conventional W-beam designs, box-beam guardrails have a rectangular cross-section that provides more strength and rigidity. They are frequently used in locations with high traffic and a greater risk of serious accidents. We, as one of the leading highway guardrail suppliers, are always ready to assist you with our top-notch products. 

  • Guardrail End Treatments: 

At the beginning and conclusion of guardrail systems, guardrail end treatments are installed. These end treatments are intended to deflect errant vehicles away from the exposed ends of the guardrail and absorb impact energy, thereby lowering the risk of vehicle impalement and possible occupant injury.

In order to guarantee that W-beam guardrails effectively lessen the impact of a collision, each type must adhere to strict crash-test standards established by transportation authorities. The right type should be chosen based on the location of the road, the volume of traffic, the posted speed limit, and any potential hazards on the side of the road. Guardrails must also be regularly maintained and inspected to ensure that they work as intended to increase traffic safety. At VG Steel, we are inviting all the customers who are looking for one of the best W-beam guardrail suppliers. We are dedicated to providing worldwide customers with cutting-edge guardrail products. 

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