Discovering the Least Expensive Countries to Visit from India

Traveling is an incredible experience that exposes you to diverse cultures, ancient history, breathtaking landscapes, and mouthwatering cuisines. However, globetrotting can be a pricey affair. Fortunately, there are numerous destinations that offer fantastic experiences and cost significantly less.

For Indian travelers on a budget, here are the cheapest country to travel from India.

1. Nepal

As India’s immediate neighbor, Nepal has always been the go-to destination for Indian tourists looking for an inexpensive foreign trip. The charm of snow-capped mountains, ancient architectural marvels, and spiritual serenity of Nepal attract scores of visitors every year. The Indian Rupee is stronger in Nepal, which makes accommodation, food and sightseeing quite affordable. Besides, the travel cost is significantly minimized due to its proximity to India.

2. Bhutan

The ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’, Bhutan, is another budget-friendly escape for Indian travelers. This Himalayan kingdom, known for its serene monasteries, majestic fortresses, and colorful festivals, offers visa-free access to Indians, thus significantly reducing the overall travel cost. The sheer joy of breathing in the fresh mountain air and beholding the panoramic vistas here is beyond comparison.

3. Sri Lanka

This small island nation is seeped in history, framed by golden sands, and dotted with ancient Buddhist temples. A paradise for seafood lovers, Sri Lanka is also extremely light on the pocket, with affordable accommodations, cheap local transportation, and reasonably priced dining options making it one of the cheapest countries to travel from India. 

4. Vietnam

If you fancy a pocket-friendly Southeast Asian trip, look no further than Vietnam. This country is known for diverse landscapes, rich culture, and flavorful street food. The highly economical living costs, traveling expenses, and scrumptious cuisine are a big draw for Indian travelers. Walking through the busy streets of Hanoi or cruising along the serene waters of Ha Long Bay, there is no shortage of incredible experiences in Vietnam.

5. Thailand

A vibrant country with bustling cities, pristine beaches, and a fantastic nightlife, Thailand is a perfect low-cost foreign trip for Indians. The exceptionally inexpensive street food, shopping markets, local transportation, accommodations, and world-famous Thai hospitality make the experience unforgettable and incredibly affordable.

While Europe might seem an expensive destination, there are a few countries that can be visited without burning a hole in your pocket. Here is the cheapest European country to visit from India.

1. Hungary

Hungary challenges the stereotype of Europe being a costly affair for Indian travelers. Its capital, Budapest, known for its architectural marvels like the Buda Castle and Fisherman’s Bastion, resembles a fairy-tale. Marvel at the mighty Danube, visit the thermal baths, or try the exotic Hungarian cuisine, all without spending much. From affordable accommodations to pocket-friendly eateries, Hungary offers an inexpensive European experience.

2. Greece

Despite being a part of the Eurozone, Greece remains affordable for Indian travelers. Walk through history as you explore ancient archaeological sites, laze around on beautiful beaches or island-hop across the Aegean Sea. Besides, delicious Greek delicacies like moussaka and souvlaki won’t hamper your budget much.

3. Romania

Romania offers a unique blend of rich history, diverse landscapes, and enthralling folklore. Tour the medieval towns, awe-inspiring castles (including Dracula’s Castle), and the serene countryside without paying a premium. This off-beat destination in Eastern Europe is a treasure trove of experiences that go easy on your wallet.

When it comes to globetrotting, it’s not about how much you spend, but how rich the experiences are. The value lies in immersing oneself in the local culture, bringing back unforgettable memories, and having new stories to tell. So, pack your bags, embark on a journey to these affordable destinations from India, and satisfy your wanderlust even on a shoestring budget.