5 Ways High school in Singapore builds Self-confidence in Their Students

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One of the greatest gifts that schools can give their students is to help them build self-confidence. If students believe they can achieve, they will achieve. Self-confidence breeds success and thus it enables them to be higher achievers in life.

Teachers of high school in singapore are in a highly strategic position to instill self-confidence in their students as they teach and interact with them every day!

5 ways by which high school in Singapore helps build self-confidence and resilience in their students

1. Supportive Learning Environment

    Schools develop a learning environment where students feel safe and supported. The teachers encourage them to try new things, so that students emphasize the growth and learning opportunities they are presented with when they commit a mistake or experience failure.

    The learners feel that the result will not negatively affect them and therefore they are more likely to try something new and more difficult in the classroom. Moreover, learning from mistakes and challenges in a place where they feel encouraged and supported strengthens their confidence. 

    2. Sense of Belonging

      A great way to build self-confidence and resilience in high school students is to feel included in the school community. When students feel that what they are doing or providing is more critical, they are more likely to overcome difficulties and remain optimistic about the results. Teachers in Singapore international school encourage students and engage them with the school and community beyond their social groups by including them in school events such as volunteering, mentoring younger students,

      or by participating in inter or intra-school functions. This helps instill in the students a belief that their involvement can positively affect themselves and others.

      3. Praising and Motivating Students

        Students who are regularly motivated and praised for their efforts and performances tend to have a high level of self-confidence which inspires them to try harder, improve more and achieve more. Teachers in high school appreciate and motivate students to take steps even if they make mistakes or fear failure.

        4. Developing Problem-Solving Skills

          Problem-solving skills are crucial in child development as they help build confidence in them. Students who learn to find solutions to problems quickly, will be able to deal with issues with less effort in the future.

          When students in high school are asked to deal with problems by themselves or in groups, they learn to deal with challenges. As a result of this, they understand how to think logically, calculate risks and thus tackle problems. This, in turn, helps to make them more resilient.

          5. Practicing Gratitude

            Practicing gratitude or being grateful helps students to remember what is good about their lives. There is always something they can be grateful for, whether they are friends, family members, or their health. This activity not only generates optimism in them but also eliminates negativity.

            The practice of gratitude helps improve their physical and mental health, stimulates happiness, improves sleep, and helps students feel more connected to others. All these factors help them become happier, healthier, and more resilient.


            Schools play a vital role in the overall development of a student. Thus, by helping students develop self-confidence and resilience, Singapore international school prepares them to face life challenges and be more successful in life.

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